Welcome to The Cottage at Ligonier !

Please follow these instructions to ensure that your visit will be as enjoyable as possible.

We, as well as future guests, will be grateful ! The Cottage is old and beloved, so please respect it.

***Check-In Time Is Anytime After 3:00pm and Check-Out Is By 11:00am***

While we welcome gatherings of families and friends for events such as birthday parties, family reunions/ picnics, team building retreats, wedding lodging and so forth, please note that our vacation rental home and property is not a “Party House”. If you are looking for a “Party House”, we are, unfortunately, not the right fit for you. We expect guests to respect our wonderful, peaceful wooded retreat.

Please respect our neighboring homes throughout the wooded Powdermill area, and keep music and noise down between 9:00pm and 8:00am.

Though we are animal lovers ourselves, The Cottage At Ligonier has a NO PET policy.

Please, no driving on the Cottage lawn (including for loading and unloading cars). There is ample parking in the driveway and by the Rec building.

No smoking while IN The Cottage or IN the Rec Building and no cigarette butts on the ground. Please dispose of them properly.

You will find clean linens ready and folded for you at the end of each bed. Should you need more pillows and blankets, you will find them in the bedroom dormer closets and dresser drawers.

Other than water, no food or drink in the upstairs bedrooms, please.

We own the woods out back all the way to RT 381. Feel free to take a stroll and enjoy the songbirds ! Guests frequently see deer in our yard and in the woods.

You will find chairs and hot dog sticks in the Rec Building for use around the bonfire pit. Please put them away in the Rec Building when done.

-All trash must be bagged and taken out of The Cottage AND the Rec Building, to the trash cans located in front of the 2 car garage. Do not put in loose trash, or the trash company will not take it.
-If you are a coffee drinker, please throw away the coffee grounds out of the coffee pot.
-All dishes must be washed and out away. You can use the “Quick Wash” cycle on the dishwasher if you wish.
-Please wipe out the microwave of any splatters.
-All used linens must be stripped off the beds and left in a pile on the bedroom floor. Please fold the comforters/quilts and place them on the beds.
-Please wash all towels and at least get them started in the dryer before leaving.
-If the Cottage living room fireplace was used, please swing out the ash drawer and dispose of the ashes, and make sure the flue is closed.
-Make sure the grill cover is put back on the grill.
-If the tables were used in the Rec Building, please wipe them off of food and drink.
-All game accessories must be put back in the Rec Building and not left on the floor ( ping pong balls, foos balls, air hockey pucks etc). Please put all children’s ride-on toys back along the wall in the Rec Building.
-Make sure all board games are packed away neatly under the dining room buffet, and that children’s toys are stored away neatly in the basement
-In the summer, turn the Central Air Conditioning to 74 degrees when departing. In the Fall, Winter, and Spring, turn the thermostat to 60 degrees when departing.
-Lock all windows and shut miniblinds on the 1st floor.
-Make sure all lights are off and lock both The Cottage and The Rec Building.

We thank you for your cooperation in preserving this cozy, peaceful Laurel Highlands retreat !
Please call Hope Raub at 330-209-0717 if you have any questions.